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Bosch Industrial Series Spark Plugs

Part No. Applications Pricing
7302 Caterpillar® G3500 Series, Waukesha VGF and 4 Series.
Cross Reference: RB75N, RB75PP.
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7303 Waukesha L7042, L7044 VHP, GSI.
Cross Reference: RM77N, RM77PP, GT3-1, 60999D, 60999Z, 60999G, 60999F.
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7305 18mm Double Iridium Extreme Duty spark plug. Caterpillar®, Waukesha, Cummins®.
Cross reference: GI3-5, GI3-1, 243-4291, 18GZ6-77-2, Z353.
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7306 Caterpillar® G3512A and G3516A - 6 to 12 month runtimes.
Caterpillar® G3600 series - 45 to 90 day runtimes.
Cross reference: GI3-3, FB77WPCC, 301-6663.
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7307 Deutz engines. Same as Bosch 7306 with 13/16" hex.
Cross reference: RB75WPCC, GL3-3, 18GZ5-77.
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7308 Deutz engines. Same as Bosch 7305 with 13/16" hex.
Cross reference: GL3-1, GL3-5, 18GZ5-77-2.
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7311 Caterpillar® G3300 and G3400 EIS series engines.
Cross reference: RN79G, GE3-1, 104-3170, 128-6238, 2N2839, 14R-4CDP.
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7313 Waukesha VGR 220 and VGR 330, Caterpillar® 3300 non- EIS.
Cross reference: RN5C.
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7315 Caterpillar® G3306, G333, G3400. Double iridium extreme duty.
Cross reference: GE3-5, 14R-4CIU-2, 14R-4DIU2.
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7321 Cummins® L10, Dresser Clark TLA6, MAN E 0834, E 0836.
Cross reference: RC78PYP, RC78PYP15, RC78WYP, GK3-1, GK3-3. 14FR-4DPU0.
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7322 Cummins® L10, Dresser Clark TLA6, MAN E 0834, E 0836. Double iridium plug.
Cross reference: GK3-5, 14FR-4DIU.
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7330 Caterpillar® G3600 series engine. Combustion burn time sensor.
Cross reference: 159-3219.
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